Elite Pitcher's Boot Camp

At the Elite Pitcher’s Boot Camp you will receive world class information and instruction from the very best in the world. This Gold Standard of Pitching Camps is finally coming to Australian shores and now it’s your turn to take advantage of this tremendous opportunity to learn from and train with these world class coaches.

The Texas Baseball Ranch® and The Florida Baseball Ranch® are the leaders in Hyper-Personalisation of Training Programs for each individual.

The EPBC happens over 10 times a year at The Ranch™ and sells out each and every time for a cost of $1,899USD ($2,400AUD). Over 45 athletes attend the EPBC each time and walk away with a better understanding of how to become an elite pitcher.

At the Elite Pitcher’s Boot Camp you will transform your pitching career to new and exciting levels of understanding your Throwing Patterns, Strength, Arm Care, Recovery, Command and Velocity.

Every single day The Ranch™ are transforming the lives of young men and women all around the world by refusing to place athletes in boxes, refusing to use and except traditional labels, refusing to strictly choreograph everybody’s movement or force athletes into one size fits all programs.

And now Australia…It’s your turn!

Never Had A Full Body Assessment


Inefficiencies, constraints and limitations on your body’s movement patterns are vital signs for pain and low velocity.

Want A High Speed Video Analysis


Identify your throwing patterns and see how they could contribute to arm pain or sabotage your goal to increase velocity.

Need A Better Warm Up Routine


Simply running to poles and then a quick stretch isn’t recruiting the right muscles for you to perform at your highest level each time.

Suffer From Unnecessary Arm Pain


Find out how to eliminate your arm pain and the causes so you can throw pain free and not have to worry anymore.

Want To Gain Serious Velocity


Learn how to gain serious velocity the right way without causing any pain to help you ascend in levels and remain healthy.

Wish You Had Better Command


Find out how to train your command with all of your pitches and send batters back to the dugout.

Desperately Need To Recover Better


Recovering well in-between outings is one of the most important aspects of pitching and keeping your arm healthy & durable.

Crave Dominant
Off-Speed Pitches


Learn how to create a devastating curveball and outstanding off-speed pitches through your patterns.

And most of all…

Want To Work With The World Leaders In Baseball Development!

• A Full Head-To-Toe Physical Assessment & Body Composition Analysis Performed
By A Physical Therapist Specialising In Throwing Athletes

• High Speed Video Analysis From 2 Different Angles Of Your Throwing Patterns

• Hands-on Instruction For All Physical Corrective Exercises

• 3 Different Wake Up/Warm Up Routines For Your Training or Game Preparation

• Multiple Arm Care Exercises To Reduce The Risk Of Pain

• Various Throwing Drills To Utilise In Your Customised Program

• How To Effectively Train Your Deceleration

• Develop Devastating Secondary Pitches

• Training Strength & Conditioning In The Correct Energy System

• Enhance Your Long Toss Distance By Strengthening The Arm

• Recover In-Between Outings Faster & Stronger


A 21 Day Hyper-Personalised Program Designed To Solve Your Arm Pain And Improve Your Velocity, Command & Off-Speed Stuff.



Golden Jubilee Baseball Fields
Esk St, Wahroonga NSW 2076



Mon 8th Oct (1pm-6pm)
Tue 9th Oct (9am-5pm)
Wed 10th Oct (9am-2pm)



Single Event Ticket Only
(Or 3 Easy Payments)

Payment Plans Available. Download Payment Plan Information Here!

The Elite Pitcher’s Boot Camp is for players aged 12yrs and up.

There is no age limit. 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s all welcome.

All age groups will be grouped accordingly.

The Ranch™ Team want to help anyone who wants to learn.

Spaces are limited to 50 players only. Once we sell out…WE SELL OUT!

Early Bird Special Price if registered by the 31st July 2018. After that the price goes up.

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary chance to learn from some of the very best coaches & instructors in the world.

Book now!