2018 Guests

The 2018 Guests are the
Texas Baseball Ranch® &
Florida Baseball Ranch®.

For the first time on Australian shores International Baseball Evolution is proud to welcome the Texas Baseball Ranch® & the Florida Baseball Ranch®. Together they are the world leaders in developing high-level throwers and hitters with their elite pitching and hitting training. Nowhere on the planet has produced more 90mph throwers than The Ranch™. In fact, combined they have produced over 500 90mph athletes…and counting. They are America’s top facility for managing arm pain, reducing injury risk, and rehabilitating injured throwing athletes.

Ron Wolforth, Randy Sullivan and Flint Wallace all consult for numerous MLB organisations & NCAA Programs. They have had dozens of MLB Coaches, NCAA Coaches, Academy Owners & High School Coaches turn up to The Ranch™ to gain knowledge of what goes on at their facilities.

The Ranch™ conduct the world renowned Elite Pitcher’s Boot Camp over 10 times a year and sell out each and every one at a cost of $1,899.00USD for 3 days. Yes, they SELL OUT each and every one! Hundreds and thousands of athletes from across the globe flock to Houston, Texas or Tampa, Florida for the opportunity to train with these world class coaches and be inspired to reach the next level.

Each year The Texas Baseball Ranch® hold the Elite Pitching Coaches Boot Camp in Montgomery, Texas. Hundreds of coaches from MLB, NCAA, Academies, High Schools and Parents from around America and the world fly into Houston for 3 days for the premier convention/seminar there is to offer for baseball development. And yes, they sell out every year!

The Ranch™ have been featured in many media outlets :
ESPN • Sports Illustrated • Baseball Digest • ESPN.com • Men’s Journal • 60 Minutes Sports • Fox News • NBC • The New York Times • ABC • CBS News

And now Australia, it’s your chance to have the opportunity to learn from and train with the very best in the world when it comes to baseball development!

Meet The Ranch™ Team

Ron Wolforth
Texas Baseball Ranch®

Ron Wolforth is the founder of the Texas Baseball Ranch®. He is considered a master teacher by many in the baseball community and he has been referred to as “America’s Pitching Coach” because of his practical, self-effacing and innovative approach to common performance issues.

Since 2003, 98 of Coach Wolforth’s and Texas Baseball Ranch®’s clients have been drafted. He is a featured author in Collegiate Baseball, a featured speaker at the American Baseball Coaches Association (ABCA) National Convention as well as a presenter at the American Sports Medicine Institute’s Injuries in Baseball Annual Conference.

Randy Sullivan
Florida Baseball Ranch

Randy Sullivan is the founder of The Florida Baseball Ranch®. He is a Physical Therapist, Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist and a Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist. Randy is at the forefront of managing arm pain, reducing injury risk, and rehabilitating injured throwing athletes while developing high calibre throwers and hitters.

MLB & NCAA organisations send their players to Randy for rehab, arm care and velocity training. He has also written 7 books on Throwing Pain (Start With The Pain), Bulletproofing Power Arms (Scaptivation), Pitcher Development (Engineering The Superhuman Pitching Machine Vol 1, 2 & 3 and on Strength & Conditioning (FBR Savage Training).

Flint Wallace
Texas Baseball Ranch™

Flint Wallace is the Director of Player Development at The Texas Baseball Ranch®. He is a former Oakland Athletics pitcher, has been the Director of Baseball Operations at TCU and a former Pitching Coach at Weatherford College and Weatherford High School.

Quite a number of MLB organisations have tried to steal Flint away from The Ranch™ to help them with their pitchers but being at The Ranch™ he is free to explore outside the box ideas. Flint is literally one of the greatest communicators this world has to offer when it comes to utilising and training the Lower Half.

Jill Wolforth
Texas Baseball Ranch™

Jill Wolforth is the Director of Ranch Marketing & Promotions at The Texas Baseball Ranch®. Jill is a former Academic All-American Softball Player at the University of Nebraska and one of the best Softball instructors in the world today helping women all over the world reach their full potential.

Jill is a hands on instructor at the Elite Pitcher’s Boot Camp and is involved in everything that makes the Texas Baseball Ranch® the place where you can dream as big as your work ethic will allow. Jill also developed The Athletic Softball Pitcher DVD that focuses on athleticism and the complete development of the softball pitcher.

Ollie Kadey
Texas Baseball Ranch™

Ollie Kadey is the Durathro™ Membership Coordinator & Coaching Assistant at The Texas Baseball Ranch®. He is a former College Baseball Pitcher receiving Academic All-Conference honours. Ollie first came to the Texas Baseball Ranch® as a 23-year-old pitcher throwing 84 mph.

At 25, he hit 96.9 mph on a turn & burn, 92mph off the mound and was invited to a tryout with the Houston Astros. His personal baseball journey and Ranch experience are invaluable to the athletes he mentors through TBR’s remote training program, Durathro™.

Jonathan Massey
Texas Baseball Ranch™

Jonathan Massey is the Lead Instructor and Operations Assistant at The Texas Baseball Ranch® overseeing all local classes. He is a former College Baseball Pitcher and has been involved with the Texas Baseball Ranch® as a player or coach for the past 12 years.

“J-Mass” is a certified FMS specialist and specialises in training movement patterns for all The Ranch™ clients as well as instructing Recovery training protocols and guiding the athletes to help them build a bigger motor via Strength & Conditioning.

Amy Marsh
Florida Baseball Ranch

Amy Marsh is the Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer for the Florida Baseball Ranch®. Fifteen years ago, she partnered with Randy Sullivan in Sullivan Rehab for Physical Therapy and also partnered in creating The ARMory, the precursor to The Florida Baseball Ranch.

Amy runs all of the FBR day-to-day operations and it is often said “It doesn’t happen unless Amy makes it happen.” This allows The Florida Baseball Ranch team to work effectively and affords Randy and the other coaches the freedom to focus on creating and implementing innovative solutions to complex training problems.

Corey Stump
Florida Baseball Ranch

Corey Stump is the Director of Player Development at The Florida Baseball Ranch®. He is a former college pitcher for the University of Florida and Southeastern University. When his college career ended, he accepted a full time position at the Florida Baseball Ranch as a throwing instructor.

Because of his leadership skills and his effectiveness as a teacher Corey was promoted to the position of Director of Player Development. He loves helping young players avoid pitfalls and overcome obstacles and he passionately and precisely designs and executes training plans that change players’ baseball careers and their lives.

Some Of The Ranch™ Clients Include…

Justin Verlander

Justin Verlander

Houston Astros

Trevor Bauer

Trevor Bauer

Cleveland Indians

CJ Wilson

CJ Wilson

Anaheim Angels

Scott Kazmir

Scott Kazmir

Atlanta Braves

Chien-Ming Wang

Chien-Ming Wang

Kansas City Royals

Tyson Ross

Tyson Ross

San Diego Padres

Raul Ibanez

Raul Ibanez

New York Yankees

Barry Zito

Barry Zito

Oakland Atheltics

And The List Goes On With MLB And NCAA Athletes

Testimonials About The Ranch™ Training

Alan Jaeger

“What a golden opportunity it would be for any pitcher to get this kind of quality instruction. I am jealous! I want to be a student at the camp”!

Owner, Jaeger Sports Academy

Trevor Bauer

“The information provided opened the door to a path that has transformed my career and allowed me to achieve my lifelong dream of becoming a professional baseball player”.

MLB Pitcher, Cleveland Indians

CJ Wilson

“Ron educates way better than other coaches. He’s one of the most well-versed guys I’ve ever encountered. Usually, a coach says, ‘Do this,’ and you say, ‘Why?’ And he says, ‘Because I said so.’ You’re not teaching someone at that point”.

Former MLB Pitcher, Anaheim Angels

Brent Strom

“Ron develops velocity, but it’s much more than that. He promotes arm health, control, command. He combines all of these different aspects of pitching, trying to overcome a lot of misteachings by uninformed coaches. He’s also an excellent communicator, with a unique way of encapsulating information and making it usable”.

MLB Pitching Coach, Houston Astros

Scott Kazmir

“To be able to go somewhere and work on the mechanics and do certain things, certain drills, to really get kind of in tune with your body and just relearn the mechanics of pitching a baseball. That’s what he provides out there, and it really helped”.

MLB Pitcher, Atlanta Braves

Raul Ibanez

“I figured if he knew so much about pitching, he must know something about hitting too. He gets results for 10-year-olds, and he gets results for major leaguers. And when you can do that, I think everyone has to take notice”.

Former MLB Player, New York Yankees


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