International Baseball Evolution
Sydney 2019

Bringing The Very Best Minds In Baseball & Sports Performance To Australia

International Baseball Evolution is proud to present this inaugural event bringing the very best minds in Baseball and Sports Performance from across the world to conduct Coaches & Parents Seminars and Training Events across Sydney in October.

Every year IBE will be bringing out globally recognised leaders to Australia to help, educate and inspire Coaches, Parents, Players, Clubs & Associations in baseball development and sports performance to learn from and gain insightful knowledge, ground breaking information and up to date instruction.

Pitching Coaches • Hitting Coaches • Catching Coaches • Fielding Coaches • Team Head Coaches • Mental Performance Coaches •
Strength & Conditioning Coaches • Performance Coaches • Movement Specialists • Physiotherapists • Surgeons • Authors

2 Major Events In 2019

The BIGGEST Coaching And Training Event Ever To Happen In Australia!

Our 2019 Guests

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